November 20, 2015

’08 Flashback: Rep. Cohen: Clinton “Too Cozy With Lobbyists And Special Interests”

Today in Memphis Rep. Steve Cohen introduced Hillary Clinton. As expected, Cohen’s speech was full of praise, but that wasn’t always a given. In 2008 Cohen endorsed Obama over Clinton in the run-up to the Tennessee Democratic primary. Cohen stated that he supported Obama over Clinton because:

Obama is the clearest option for change and the best chance to say no to the special interests… Calling the 2008 presidential election “the most important” in his lifetime, Cohen said Obama would be a departure from politicians who were “too cozy with lobbyists and special interests.

Cohen must not be paying attention, because if he thought Hillary Clinton in 2008 was “too cozy” with special interests and lobbyists, he would be horrified today. This year, Hillary Clinton is the #1 recipient of campaign donations from lobbyists and lawyers, Wall Street, and Agribusiness. And that’s not even taking into account the Clinton Foundation, where industries like pharmaceutical companies donate millions in order to curry favor with the Clintons.