April 6, 2016

11 Key Wisconsin Takeaways That Will Keep Hillary Clinton Up At Night

Hillary Clinton’s losing streak continued last night in Wisconsin. The former Secretary of State has now lost seven of last eight contests, and heads into the critical New York primary without any momentum. Coverage of Clinton’s loss highlighted the “decisive” nature of Sanders’ win, while casting doubt on Clinton’s ability to pull it together before New York votes:

Politico: “Sanders blows by Clinton in Wisconsin”

Politico: “Bernie surges toward New York showdown”

Bloomberg: “Clinton Can’t Get to New York Fast Enough After New Sanders Win”

The Hill: “Bernie Sanders is in till the end — much to Hillary Clinton’s annoyance”

The exit polls coming out Wisconsin also highlight Clinton’s vulnerability. Clinton’s weakness among young voters and those that care about honesty and trustworthiness were on full display in her double-digit loss in Wisconsin:

67%: Clinton’s losing margin among voters who said their “top candidate quality” was honesty.

64%: The percentage Clinton lost voters between the ages of 18-29 by last night.

59% to 38%: Sanders’ victory over Clinton among voters on the question of “who is more inspiring about the country’s future?”

51%: The percentage of Wisconsin Democrats who said Sanders would make the “best Commander-in-Chief”

44%: Sanders margin of victory over Clinton among independents in Wisconsin.

42%: The percentage Clinton lost among voters ho said their “top candidate quality” was a candidate who cares about people like them.

21%: Clinton’s losing margin among anti-trade voters in Wisconsin.

17%: The margin Clinton lost by among college graduates.

16%: The percentage Clinton lost union households by.

13%: Clinton’s losing margin among unmarried women.

0: The number of income categories Clinton won in the exit polls.

If there’s one solace for Clinton though, she is the favored candidate among those who want a third term for President Obama, with 61% of voters who say they want to continue Obama’s policies siding with her.

Clinton’s bad news is not just limited to Wisconsin today. A new McClatchy-Marist poll shows that 25% of Sanders voters say they will not support Clinton in a general election. With Clinton’s latest loss, plus the possibility that she won’t be able to unite Democrats in the fall, Clinton’s performance in her home state takes on tremendous importance for her political future.