May 6, 2016

3 Headlines That Explain Why Hillary Clinton Is Not Happy This Morning

This was supposed to be Secretary Clinton’s time to shine. It’s early May, and most political observers expected many of the troubles that plagued her campaign to be in the rearview mirror at this point.

But the reality of the situation is quite different: Clinton is about to be interviewed by the FBI regarding her private email server; she’s in the midst of what is expected to be another string of losses in a Democratic primary she cannot seem to finish; and protestors continue to rally outsider her events to voice their displeasure with Clinton’s positions on a host of issues.

Check out the three worst headlines that Clinton woke up to this Friday morning:

The Wall Street Journal: FBI Interviews Hillary Clinton’s Aides in email Probe

Politico: Sanders poised for May win streak

ABC News: Hillary Clinton’s Cinco de Mayo LA Rally Anything but Festive Due to Protesters

How is she this bad at this?