September 15, 2015

9 Other Apologies Clinton Has Been Forced To Make

Last week, Hillary Clinton ended months of defiant statements regarding her private email server and finally apologized to the American people. The result of Clinton’s indignant refusal to apologize is a once-front runner candidate hobbled by self-inflicted wounds, trailing Bernie Sanders in Iowa and New Hampshire, and in the midst of her fourth “reset” since the start of her campaign in April.

With that in mind, America Rising compiled a list of other long overdue apologies Clinton was forced to make during her long public career:

1. In 2008, Clinton repeatedly claimed she, as First Lady, landed in Bosnia “under sniper fire.” A month later, Clinton apologized, adding she was embarrassed by her mistake. Responding to a voter who told her the lie lost his vote, Clinton said:

“Well, Tom, I can tell you that I may be a lot of things, but I’m not dumb. And I wrote about going to Bosnia in my book in 2004. I laid it all out there. And you’re right. On a couple of occasions in the last weeks I just said some things that weren’t in keeping with what I knew to be the case and what I had written about in my book. And, you know, I’m embarrassed by it. I have apologized for it. I’ve said it was a mistake. And it is, I hope, something that you can look over, because clearly I am proud that I went to Bosnia. It was a war zone.”

2. It took Clinton 12 years to concede she “got it wrong” on her Iraq war vote—a concession she wasn’t willing to make during her 2008 presidential campaign.

From her book, Hard Choices:

“When I voted to authorize force in 2002, I said that it was probably the ‘hardest decision I have ever had to make.’ I thought I acted in good faith and made the best decision I could with the information I had. And I wasn’t alone in getting it wrong. But I still got it wrong. Plain and simple.”

3. In some cases, Clinton was forced to apologize for remarks made by her supporters, like when Geraldine Ferraro suggested that then-Sen. Barack Obama only achieved his status because of his race. CNN reported on the apology:

“Sen. Hillary Clinton apologized to a gathering of black newspaper publishers Wednesday for a top fundraiser’s controversial comments that Sen. Barack Obama’s race has helped his candidacy.”

4. In 2007, New Hampshire supporter Bill Shaheen suggested Sen. Obama may have sold drugs, citing it as a liability for his campaign. Clinton again apologized, and Shaheen stepped down from his role as a top campaign adviser after the remarks:

“Clinton on Thursday said she did not approve of Shaheen’s comments. ‘I don’t in any way condone that, and it was certainly not authorized or approved at all. It was inappropriate, and he’s apologized,’ the senator from New York said.”

5. In 2006, Clinton “criticized young whippersnappers for not wanting to work hard and for expecting everything to be handed to them on a silver platter,” according to Reuters. After receiving a call from daughter Chelsea, Clinton apologized:

“Mrs. Clinton said her daughter, Chelsea, called to complain after learning about her remarks at a gathering of the United States Chamber of Commerce in Washington on Thursday… ‘My daughter heard that I’d said that, and she called and she said, ‘Mom, I do work hard and my friends work hard,’’ Mrs. Clinton said on Sunday in a commencement address at the C. W. Post campus of Long Island University.”

6. In 2004, Clinton prefaced a quote by Mahatma Gandhi by saying “He ran a gas station down in St. Louis.” Unsurprisingly, after accusations of using an insensitive stereotype, Clinton apologized three days later:

“After being approached by The Associated Press to clarify the remarks, Ms. Clinton suggested in a statement on late Monday that she never meant to fuel the stereotype — often used as a comedic punchline — that certain ethnic groups run U.S. gas stations. Yesterday, she told reporters in Albuquerque, N.M.: ‘It was a lame attempt at humour and I am very sorry that it might have been interpreted in a way that causes stress to anyone. I have the highest regard for Mahatma Gandhi and have been a long-time admirer of his life.'”

7. In 2000, Clinton walked out of a restaurant without tipping her waitress. Three days later, Clinton called the waitress to apologize.

“’She said she was sorry for not giving me a tip,’ waitress Tricia Trupo, 31, told The Post yesterday. … ‘I wasn’t mad at her, but she should have tipped me because that’s the normal thing to do. I work real hard for my money and I count on the tips to get by.’”

8. In 1992, Clinton apologized for claiming “60 Minutes” altered an interview with her and her husband, Bill. Clinton said she believed this “because the ’60 Minutes’ interview I saw on the air appeared to me to be tougher that the one I remembered experiencing while it was happening.” Clinton apologized the next day:

“[’60 Minutes’] Executive producer Don Hewitt, hearing of Mrs. Clinton’s accusation, called the Clinton campaign Tuesday and demanded an apology, spokesman Roy Brunett said. ‘Both of us offer our apologies to ‘60 Minutes’ for letting that erroneous impression get circulated in the press,’ Mrs. Clinton’s statement said.”

9. In 1992, Clinton was forced to apologize for insinuating then-President George H. W. Bush had had extramarital affairs. It took Clinton two months to apologize for her baseless remark:

“I responded to questions that people were asking me at the time and you know, I, of all people, know the kind of pain that can be caused by even discussions of the rumors in private conversations and I have no intention to hurt anyone.”