January 8, 2016

Audit Finds Kander Failed To Properly Document Use Of Taxpayer Funds

In a recent report released by the Missouri State Auditor, Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander’s office failed to provide adequate justification for at least 44 raises that were given out to staff members:

The SOS did not completely document salary increases providfed [sic] to many employees. The SOS lacked a complete record of the reasons for some salary increases given. SOS salaries and wages totaled approximately $ 9million annually during the 3 years ended June 30, 2015. While documentation supporting all 16 promotions reviewed was sufficient; we identified weaknesses in the documentation for the remaining 44 raises reviewed. None of the memos prepared to support the 44 raises were dated or included the name of the preparer, or reviewer if applicable. SOS personnel could not tell us when the memos were prepared.

The audit also cited Kander for not having “adequate controls and procedures in place to record electronic payments,” causing roughly $120,000 to be misplaced.

This revelation directly contradicts Kander’s claim that one of his top priorities, as Secretary of State, was to “run the most efficient office possible for taxpayers.”

With election year well under way, voters are starting to clue in, and failing to justify 44 raises for staff members while claiming the Secretary of State’s office is being run efficiently, isn’t likely to cause Missouri voters to swoon for Kander.