July 15, 2016

92 Percent Of Americans Say Clinton Was Wrong To Use A Private Server

Hillary Clinton has a serious problem: the American people’s trust in her has never been lower. After yesterday’s awful poll news, the Clinton campaign probably imagined that things could not get worse. However today, a new Associated Press-GfK poll showed that it could. The poll found that a whopping 92 percent of Americans either feel Clinton broke the law when she set up a private email server as Secretary of State or exhibited “bad judgment”:

“The poll found that 56 percent of Americans said they think the Democratic presidential candidate broke the law, including 39 percent who think she did so intentionally and 17 percent who think she did so unintentionally. In addition, 36 percent think Clinton used bad judgment but did not do anything illegal. And only 6 percent think Clinton did nothing wrong at all.”

In line with these findings, the percentage of Americans who call Clinton’s email scandal a “major problem” has also grown significantly:

“Half of Americans – 50 percent – now consider Clinton’s emails to be a major problem, up from one-third who said that in October 2015.”

Finally, the Associated Press-GfK poll found that there has been a steady rise in the number of Americans who say the word “honest” is not one that would describe Clinton:

“The poll suggests perceptions that Clinton is dishonest, already a major issue for her campaign, are growing. Fifty-five percent of Americans say the word ‘honest’ doesn’t describe Clinton well at all, up slightly from 50 percent in April and 44 percent in October 2015.”

Clinton has been a national figure since the early 1990s, yet the ability of her email scandal to negatively impact her numbers to such a significant extent shows the power it has. Unfortunately for Clinton’s White House hopes, a fix does not look to be on the horizon either. As Bloomberg put it, “none of [Clinton’s] attempts have worked” when she’s tried to fix her “trust problem.” With less than four months until Election Day, nothing will.