April 20, 2017

97 Percent Of Joe Manchin’s Donations Came From Out Of State

Senator Joe Manchin has been a West Virginia politician for decades. After all that time you’d think he’d have cultivated a significant donor base in his home state. Yet as his latest FEC report shows, that’s just not true. In fact, Manchin received only 5 total donations from West Virginia residents in the last quarter:

“According to data from his recent Federal Election Commission filing, five West Virginians have donated a total of $7,900 to Manchin’s Senate campaign for the first quarter of 2018.”

That means that out of the $257,250 he raised, a whopping 97% came from outside West Virginia. Apparently, Manchin was much more comfortable raising money far away from his state, pulling in $95,000 from Texans and $32,300 from New Yorkers:

“Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has received more money from individual donors in Texas ($95,600), Washington D.C. ($33,000), New York ($32,300), Massachusetts ($22,500), Virginia ($19,700), Maryland ($10,700) and Connecticut ($10,400) than West Virginia.”

Manchin’s staggering lack of support in West Virginia should be a wakeup call for everyone. When you’re receiving more money from Elizabeth Warren’s PAC, than from the entire state you claim to represent, you’ve truly lost touch with where you’re from.