February 4, 2016

A Rocky Colorado Ahead For Clinton

“Top Clinton supporter” Governor John Hickenlooper (D-CO) is doing Hillary Clinton’s flailing campaign no favors this week. In an interview with the Denver Post, Governor Hickenlooper managed to both praise socialist Senator Sanders’ Iowa performance and take Sanders side in one of the key debates of the Democratic primary.

Hickenlooper first ran into trouble when he claimed to be unsurprised by Senator Sanders strong finish in the Iowa caucus:

“’It’s sort of what I expected,’ Hickenlooper said Wednesday, his first day back from a week-long international trip to Switzerland and Italy. ‘There’s a big part of the Democratic Party that is very — let’s call them aggressively progressive … and there are a lot of young people who are really fired up.’”

Hickenlooper’s quote also highlights one the key struggles for Clinton: young people do not want to vote for her. That was made manifestly clear in Iowa, where Sanders crushed Clinton among young voters by 70 points.

Hickenlooper also went way off message when he mentioned how much Clinton needed moderates in Colorado. Right now the Sanders and Clinton campaigns are in a fierce war of words over whether Clinton is actually a progressive or a moderate.

Yet “top Clinton supporter” John Hickenlooper seems to come down in the Sanders camp, saying:

“’We have our own aggressive progressives here but I actually think we have a lot …of moderate individuals.’ The key is for her, he added, ‘is to get a lot of those moderates to come out’ even though they ‘really often don’t go to caucus.’”

If a gaffe is when someone in politics actually tells the truth, Hickenlooper told some major ones, all to the disadvantage of Clinton.