About Us

America Rising PAC was founded in Spring 2013 for the sole purpose of exposing the truth about Democrats through video tracking, research, and strategic communications. We have uncovered countless instances of Democratic hypocrisy and taken action to hold them accountable.

In 2016, no one kept a closer eye on Hillary Clinton and Democrats running nationwide. The Wall Street Journal has called America Rising “the unofficial research arm of the Republican Party.” The Washington Post noted that America Rising used “opposition research and trackers to drive up Hillary Clinton’s negatives,” and Buffalo News remarked that America Rising was the “the rabid pit bull of the Republican [Party].”

In 2014, Bloomberg said we “rattled Democrats who were not used to losing the media’s story lines” and Washington Post’s “The Fix” named America Rising a winner of 2014.

We are constantly adding new politicians, candidates, and party officials to our tracking list. In 2017, we successfully worked to expose the hypocrisy of Democrats special elections across the country, and we already have an eye on 2018 races and 2020 White House hopefuls.

With your support, we can add to the list of Democrats we are tracking and continue to rack up more wins for Republicans. We are donor-supported and contributions from people like you allow us to continue our work. If you have any feedback or tips that can help us hold Democrats accountable, write us anytime. To keep up with our latest updates, subscribe to our email list and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Executive Director – Alexandra Smith

Alexandra Smith is a former Chairwoman of the College Republican National Committee. Smith was the first female elected chair in the organization’s 125-year history. In 2017, Smith was named as a co-recipient of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s “Ally of the Year.” In 2014, she was designated as an RNC “Rising Star” and was the recipient of the RNC’s Jeane Kirkpatrick Award. She was also featured on Red Alert Politics’ “Thirty Under Thirty” list of up-and-coming young, conservative leaders. She is a contributor to The Hill.

Smith is an alumna of The Catholic University of America, where she graduated from the University Honors Program magna cum laude, and of Seton Hall University School of Law. She is an attorney licensed to practice in her native Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.