October 20, 2015

After Shelling Out $1.2M On Polling In Q3, Clinton Campaign Adds 2 New Pollsters

Hillary Clinton’s poll-tested campaign announced this morning they were hiring two new pollsters to help guide their candidate on what to say, do, and think to help her align herself with the majority of Democratic voters.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is bringing on two new pollsters, Jill Normington and Dave Petts, adding to a polling team led by Joel Benenson, officials with her campaign have confirmed.

Ms. Normington and Mr. Petts have already been brought on board, but are not expected to begin working for a few months, according to one person familiar with their status.

In the third quarter of 2015 alone, Clinton spent nearly $1.2 million on polling.

It is moves like this that have prompted ridicule from places like “Saturday Night Live,” who spoofed Clinton’s debate performance, saying: “I think you’re really going to like the Hillary Clinton that my team and I have created for this debate.”