November 13, 2015

Ahead Of Second Debate, CBS News Pans Clinton’s Vulnerabilities

Less than 36 hours before the second Democratic debate, CBS News’ John Dickerson and Nancy Cordes panned Hillary Clinton’s vulnerabilities on CBS This Morning. From her shifting positions on nearly every major issue to her struggle to court unions, Dickerson and Cordes highlighted just how many challenges Clinton has going into Saturday night’s debate.

When asked about the candidates’ “imperatives” for the debate, Dickerson said first that they must answer questions “directly and honestly.” This is a major weakness for Clinton, with a recent Quinnipiac poll showing 60 percent of voters think she is not honest.

Gayle King asked Cordes how concerned Clinton should be about Bernie Sanders, citing a recent union endorsement she lost to him. Cordes noted that Clinton “has some work to do” with unions — this despite Clinton flipping on everything from TPP to charter schools to appease unions.

Finally, Dickerson highlighted Clinton’s shifting positions as one of the biggest differences between her and Sanders. Dickerson added that one of the fights in Saturday night’s debate will be over who has the “backbone” to handle pressures from donors when in the White House.

If Clinton’s prior favoritism to donors while at the State Department is any indicator, she won’t win that fight on Saturday night.