May 24, 2016

Al Gore Slams Clinton’s Reliance On Big Money Donors, Praises Sanders

Former Vice President Al Gore is back in the news promoting the ten-year anniversary of An Inconvenient Truth. Gore’s media tour means that he’s being asked about the still-simmering Democratic race.

Gore and Hillary Clinton have a famously “complicated relationship.” Their rivalry dates back all the way to 1993, which makes it no surprise that even though Gore served as Vice President to Bill Clinton, he still refuses to endorsed Hillary Clinton’s candidacy.

Gore is not just rebuffing Clinton. Bill’s former Vice President is actually fawning over Bernie Sanders and his new-style “Internet-based campaign.” While speaking about how Sanders is injecting “hope” into politics, Gore took a shot at Clinton when he said that Sanders could eliminate the “older culture of politics” that’s reliant on “money from big contributors”:

“Bernie Sanders put those issues front and center in this election. What impact do you think that’s having on the race? I don’t want anything I say to put me in support or opposition to any of the candidates. But I see a lot of hope in the idea that an Internet-based campaign can eliminate the older culture of politics. That’s not to say that candidates who practice those older techniques cannot also break free of the influence of campaign contributions. I think the future is increasingly going to be shaped by candidates in both parties who go directly to the people, by means of social media and Internet-based forms of communication, and over time diminish their reliance on money from big contributors.”

Just about the only thing Gore didn’t do was mention how refreshing it was that Sanders’ average contribution is only $27. Clinton’s inability to get the Democratic Party to coalesce around her is the political story right now. If Clinton is failing with former Clinton administration officials, what chance does she have with Bernie-or-Bust Democrats?