April 28, 2017

Alyssa Milano, Not The DCCC, Comes To Help Rob Quist

In trying times a person finds out who his true friends are. Sadly for Montana Democrat Rob Quist’s political campaign, that friend is not the DCCC. With the special election fast approaching, they are “holding back from heavy investments” in the race:

“As early voting kicks off in Montana this week, national Democrats are holding back from heavy investments in the state’s May 25 special House election, believing Democratic candidate Rob Quist still has a steep hill to climb to win a state that voted heavily for President Donald Trump just months ago.”

Significantly, the House Democrats campaign arm has so far declined to run any TV ads to boost Quist’s candidacy:

“But the House Democratic committee, which recently went on the air in Georgia, is not airing TV ads pushing back against the barrage of spots from the NRCC and Congressional Leadership Fund. Overall, GOP groups have already spent over $2.2 million attacking Quist, according to campaign finance disclosures.”

While the DCCC has stayed away, Quist is relying on help from another source: “minor celebrity” Alyssa Milano. Still searching for her first win after Ossoff fell short, Milano is in Montana to hold a GOTV event for Quist.

In a very sad sign, “several students” declined Milano’s offer to drive them to the polls, citing a need to go to class. Quist’s campaign has gone about as poorly as Milano’s efforts to get students to the polls.