August 7, 2013

Other ‘Amazing Success Stories’ According To Mark Pryor

ICYMI: Yesterday Sen. Pryor said that ObamaCare was an “amazing success story” in Arkansas.

So, what are some other “amazing success stories” according to Mark Pryor?

1. New Coke


Even Mark Pryor’s father, former-Sen. David Pryor, thought ‘New Coke’ was gross:

Coca-Cola Co., stung by grassroots consumer resistance to its new, sweeter taste, said that it will resurrect the old one. Under the name Coca-Cola Classic, the old-formula drink will join the new one within the next few weeks.

Even Congress took note. Sen. David Pryor (D-Ark.), speaking in the Senate chamber, hailed the Atlanta beverage maker’s move as a “decision of historical significance … proof that certain American institutions can never change.”

2. The Lone Ranger


3. The Bobby Petrino Era