April 8, 2016

America Rising Awards Ed Rendell Worst Surrogate Of The Week

Ed Rendell is the latest Clinton supporter to join the contest for worst Clinton surrogate of the cycle. While he’ll have tough competition from Jennifer Granholm and Howard Dean, Rendell’s performance this week will put him neck and neck with other all-time bad Clinton surrogates.

On Wednesday, Rendell started off by saying Clinton needed to “turn down the rhetoric” after Clinton said she feels sorry for supporters of Sanders’ campaign:

“I think the Clinton campaign should turn down the rhetoric because we’re gonna need a large percentage of those Bernie Sanders voters to be for Secretary Clinton in November.”

Last night, Rendell has turned his attention to Clinton’s Wall Street ties. Speaking on MSNBC, Rendell mentioned the fact that Clinton has been one of the top recipients of Wall Street campaign cash:

“When Hillary Clinton was a Senator she took plenty of money from Wall Street.”

That’s exactly the wrong message the Clinton campaign wants to get out to Democratic primary voters.

Clinton’s campaign is not the only establishment Democrat campaign Rendell is causing problems for this week. Katie McGinty is also feeling the pain after she criticized a proposal once “heartily embraced” by her campaign chairman Ed Rendell.

When you look at the totality of Rendell’s actions this week, America Rising feels very confident in predicting the former Pennsylvania governor will give Howard Dean and Jennifer Granholm a run for their money in the worst Clinton surrogate contest.