October 19, 2016

America Rising Calls On Jan Schakowsky To Condemn Her Husband’s Disgraceful Conduct

Last night, a bombshell CNN story revealed that Democratic congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s husband, convicted criminal Robert Creamer, played a leading role plotting to incite violence at Republican political rallies earlier this year.

Creamer immediately resigned from his roles at the Democratic National Committee helping to elect Hillary Clinton, but Schakowsky’s silence has been deafening.

If past is any prologue though, expect Schakowsky to remain defiant.

Creamer has a long track of criminal activity. In 2005, he pleaded guilty to “a federal bank fraud charge for engineering an elaborate check-kiting scheme.” Creamer escaped the “30 to 37 months suggested by federal guidelines,” and instead was sentenced to five months in jail.

Despite the nature of the charges, Schakowsky, who is a bundler for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, stood by her husband, declaring him innocent and saying, “I am proud of who Bob is.”

Enough is enough. Jan Schakowsky, who herself was arrested in 2013, needs to immediately apologize and condemn her husband’s outrageous behavior.