April 26, 2016

America Rising: DC’s Candidate Katie McGinty Is A Deeply Disappointing Democrat Nominee

Statement From America Rising PAC Executive Director Colin Reed On The Pennsylvania Senate Primary:

“America Rising would like to congratulate the D.C. Democrat establishment for throwing away millions of dollars to drag their handpicked candidate across the finish line.

“The litany of McGinty-backing, Beltway-based special interest groups not only squandered precious general election resources, but only deepened the simmering divide among grassroots Democrat voters. On top of all that, they’re now stuck with a lackluster nominee whose resume includes finishing dead last in the 2014 Democrat gubernatorial primary and then running the office of one of the least popular governors in the country.”


DSCC Spent At Least $1.5 million In Advertising For McGinty

The DSCC IE Spent $1.1 Million In Advertising For McGinty. “The independent advertising arm of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has reserved $1.1 million worth of advertising across Pennsylvania in the final two weeks of the state’s primary, designed to boost establishment-favorite McGinty, according to a media buyer who is closely tracking advertising in the heated contest.” (Paul Kane, “Senate Democrats Pour $1.1 Million Into Boosting McGinty In Pa. Primary Against Sestak,” The Washington Post, 4/6/16)

The DSCC Spent $425,000 On A Coordinated Ad Buy With McGinty’s Campaign. “The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is spending $425,000 on TV ads to boost Pennsylvania Senate candidate Katie McGinty, according to an official with the committee. That’s a decision that will aid the establishment-backed candidate ahead of her April 26 primary, but one that could draw criticism the party is siphoning valuable resources better used in a general election. The money will replace the McGinty campaign’s own TV ad reservations statewide starting Tuesday, according to the DSCC official and two sources tracking the ad buy. The ad buy is not an independent expenditure from the committee, which has endorsed McGinty, but part of a coordinated buy funded by the DSCC’s own campaign account.” (Alex Roarty, “DSCC Funding TV Ads To Help McGinty In Penn. Senate Primary,” Roll Call, 4/1/16)

Roll Call’s Alex Roarty: “The Extra Spending On McGinty Could Prove Controversial With Some Democrats, Who…Will Argue That The Cash Is Better Used Directly Against Republicans Than In The Primary.” “The extra spending on McGinty could prove controversial with some Democrats, who — focused on trying to win back a Senate majority — will argue that the cash is better used directly against Republicans than in the primary.” (Alex Roarty, “Dem Political Committee To Spend $1.1 Million Boosting McGinty In Pa. Primary,” Roll Call, 4/6/16)

EMILY’S List Spent $1.75 million On Ads For McGinty

EMILY’s List Super PAC Women Vote! Spent Over $1 Million On Ads For McGinty. “EMILY’s List is out with a positive spot backing former gubernatorial and White House aide Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary. ‘Get up. Get to school. Get to work. Get by. Katie McGinty knows the routine,’ a female narrator says at the beginning of the ad from Women Vote!, EMILY’s List’s super PAC. … Women Vote! has reserved over $1 million on Philadelphia TV before the April 26 primary, when McGinty faces former Rep. Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman. The winner will face GOP Sen. Pat Toomey in November.” (Kevin Robillard, “EMILY’s List Releases First Pro-McGinty Ad In Pennsylvania,” Politico, 4/4/16)

Women Vote! Later Expanded The Buy, Adding $750,000 Worth Of Airtime. “EMILY’s List’s super PAC is expanding its buy backing Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary, according to a source familiar with the group’s plans, adding $750,000 worth of airtime in the state’s non-Philadelphia media markets. The group, Women Vote!, had previously bought approximately $1 million worth of ad time in Philadelphia, the state’s most populous and expensive media market. The additional cash is directed toward the Pittsburgh, Wilkes-Barre and Harrisburg media markets.” (Kevin Robillard, “Women Vote! Expands Pennsylvania Buy For McGinty,” Politico, 4/15/16)

The SEIU Spent $354,000 In Favor Of McGinty

The SEIU Spent $354,000 Backing McGinty. “The political arm of the service workers’ union, SEIU, has spent $354,000 backing McGinty, while the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has spent more than $500,000 to boost Toomey.” (Laura Olson, “Spending On Pa. Senate Race Among Highest Nationally,” Morning Call, 4/1/16)

The Environmental Defense Action Fund Spent Six Figures On Mailers For McGinty

The Environmental Defense Action Fund Spent Six Figures On Mailers For McGinty. “The Environmental Defense Fund’s political arm plans to spend six figures backing Katie McGinty in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary. EDF Action’s campaign will begin with mailers to voters and will continue through the April 26 primary, when McGinty faces former Rep. Joe Sestak and Braddock Mayor John Fetterman. The winner will face GOP Sen. Pat Toomey in November.” (Kevin Robillard, “Green Group To Spend ‘Six Figures’ On McGinty Mailers,” Politico, 4/6/16)


The Democratic Establishment Spent “An Extraordinary Sum” On McGinty, Who’s Never Won An Election, Leaving Many Democrats To Wonder If It’s A Worthwhile Investment. “…The DSCC, EMILY’s List, and labor unions have spent an eye-popping $4 million on TV and radio ads supporting McGinty, nearly all of it spent in the month before the state’s April 26 primary. It’s an extraordinary sum to spend on a primary challenger. And it’s being spent on a candidate who’s never won an election of any kind – running against former Rep. Joe Sestak, who’s won a pair battleground races and very nearly claimed victory in a difficult Senate race six years ago. That discrepancy isn’t lost on some Republicans and Democrats, who have privately and publicly wondered if the massive investment in McGinty is worthwhile.” (Alex Roarty, “Pennsylvania Democrats Want To Know: Why McGinty?” Roll Call, 4/21/16)

McGinty Had An “Edge In Institutional Support And TV Ads.” “They point out that the environmental policy guru who has spent most of her career behind the scenes finished a distant last in her one previous primary, and by her own admission, is not a natural campaigner. Adding to the confusion is the fact that, until this week, she has trailed Sestak in most polls despite her edge in institutional support and TV ads.” (Alex Roarty, “Pennsylvania Democrats Want To Know: Why McGinty?” Roll Call, 4/21/16)

Many Don’t Understand The “All-Hands-On-Deck Effort To Support Her Instead Of Using The Money To Target Republicans.” “Most Democrats don’t consider her a weaker candidate against Republican Sen. Patrick J. Toomey this November, in a state that is crucial to the party’s effort to retake the Senate majority in 2017. But they can’t understand why the party has made such an all-hands-on-deck effort to support her instead of using the money to target Republicans, especially given the GOP’s early financial edge. The opinion is not unanimous, and some Democrats who have worked with Sestak in the past have scathing reviews of what they perceive to be his lack of a modern, professional campaign. But to Sestak supporters, the roughly $2 million spent by the DSCC alone is particularly galling. ‘That’s $2 million squandered that now cannot be used against Pat Toomey, no matter who wins,’ said Jim Burn, former chairman of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party who has endorsed Sestak. ‘Shame on them.’” (Alex Roarty, “Pennsylvania Democrats Want To Know: Why McGinty?” Roll Call, 4/21/16)

  • “It’s No Secret Many Democratic Leaders Don’t Like Sestak, The Party’s Senate Nominee In 2010 Who Has A Reputation For Being Dismissive Of Advice And Difficult To Get Along With.” (Alex Roarty, “Pennsylvania Democrats Want To Know: Why McGinty?” Roll Call, 4/21/16)