November 17, 2015

America Rising Graphic: John Bel Edwards Is The Prince Of Perks

During Monday’s final gubernatorial debate, Democrat John Bel Edwards talked the talk about cutting government paychecks, complaining of “exorbitant” pay for cabinet officials. Edwards said:

“Well first we’re not going to pay the same salaries that Bobby Jindal’s been paying, they’re exorbitant, they’re too high, we’re going to reduce those costs right off the top.”

Clearly Edwards is a fan of the “do as I say, not as I do” governing philosophy. America Rising PAC is releasing a graphic and social media campaign to inform Louisiana voters about Edwards’ record of voting to pad his pockets on the taxpayers’ dime:

JBE Perks Graphic Website

As a Louisiana state legislator, Edwards voted to double his own pay – while taking in over $100,000 as a trial lawyer at the same time. The legislation, which was ultimately vetoed, was so blatantly self-serving that a local paper called it “a money grab that is breathtaking even by Louisiana standards,” and “an affront to every taxpayer.”

Edwards didn’t stop there; he also cast votes to protect his expense account and paid holidays, and took advantage of a controversial legislator perk to get virtually free tickets to LSU sports games that would cost an average fan over $250.00.

View the research on Edwards’ record of voting for pay raises and perks here: