July 25, 2016

America Rising Graphic: Meet The #DemsNotInPhilly

It’s been widely reported that top Democrat senate candidates are skipping the already-disastrous Democratic National Convention in droves:

Wall Street Journal: “Staying Home: Many Democratic Senate Hopefuls Are Skipping Philadelphia” 

USA Today: “Some Democrats in tight Senate races will steer clear of convention”

National Journal: “Democratic Candidates Taking a Pass on Convention”

POLITICO: “Which Senate Democrats are skipping the DNC”

CNN: “Several swing state Democrats skipping Philly”

The Hill: “Top Dem Senate hopefuls to skip convention”

The latest to bail are Florida’s Patrick Murphy, whose campaign cited his need to stump in Florida when he spent the weekend in Newport, RI and is listed as headlining a Philly fundraiser Monday evening, and Evan Bayh, who is a member of Hillary Clinton’s elite “Hillblazers” fundraising team.

Why are these dodging Democrats – all of whom have publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton – finding an excuse to be anywhere but Philadelphia this week? A quick look at the numbers should clear up any confusion:

DemsNotInPhilly Graphic