November 18, 2015

America Rising Graphic: Wisconsin = Flyover Country For Feingold

Former Senator Russ Feingold has had quite a jet setting week – none of which has involved Wisconsin, or as Feingold sees it, flyover country.

He began in sunny Palo Alto, California on Monday, where he taught his last class of the semester at Stanford University. Making his way though Stanford’s hallowed halls, Feingold ran into an America Rising tracker and an uncomfortable reminder of his broken “garage door” pledge to the people of Wisconsin:

Where to next? No, not Wisconsin. Feingold flew over the Badger State and made tracks for his old stomping grounds in Washington, D.C., where he fundraised on lobbyist-lined K Street:

And then enjoyed “appetizers, beer, and wine” with donors at a Capitol Hill hotspot:

In case he was missing his California digs already, a real-life Stanford Cardinal was on hand to wish him goodnight:

No word on when former Sen. Feingold will actually campaign in Wisconsin again.