April 28, 2017

America Rising Has Found The Definitive 2016 Democratic Autopsy!

The DNC has yet to make their 2016 autopsy public. At the same time, the DCCC is refusing to release their own autopsy, which didn’t even “focus on Democratic messaging.”

Luckily for all the anxious Democrats out there, America Rising has found the definitive* 2016 Democratic autopsy. See below for the recommendations the Democratic Party believes will lead them back to victory:

Expel all pro-life members from the Democratic Party.
Re-fight the extremely contentious 2016 Democratic primary during the DNC Chairman’s race.
• Spend $8 million and fail to win a Georgia House race in the first round.
Promote Chelsea Clinton as the new face of the Democratic Party.
Attack former President Barack Obama, perhaps the last and final popular national Democrat, for his speaking fees.
• Maintain a House leadership team with an average age of 76.
• Promote a socialist, who refuses to call himself a Democrat, during the Democratic Unity Tour.


*not definitive