July 25, 2016

America Rising Launches Counter-Programming Plan To Highlight Democrat Division At DNC

A Washington Examiner report published Monday morning provides a detailed rundown of America Rising and policy affiliate AR2’s comprehensive counter-programming plan at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

From the Examiner:

In its question-generating app, Grill, America Rising formulated new questions over the weekend to focus on the DNC leak, such as “Do you think the system was always rigged against Bernie Sanders?”

Users of the app are encouraged to pose its questions to superdelegates and elected officials around the convention.

America Rising will dispatch about half a dozen trackers across Philadelphia to capture pro-Sanders protests.

Its digital push will include videos of prominent Democrats, such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Vice President Joe Biden and even President Obama criticizing Clinton in past remarks.

The group plans to “name and shame” superdelegates who emerged with early support for Clinton in states where Sanders won the primary or caucus. 

America Rising’s policy-focused arm, AR2, will focus on areas of the Democratic platform that have shifted left amid the rising popularity of Warren and Sanders by launching a blitz of op-eds, policy white papers and graphics.

GRILL, the mobile app launched by America Rising in May to empower citizen trackers, has been updated to include an option for users to question Democratic superdelegates, in addition to Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders:

AR Grill DNC Update

GRILL is available for free iOS download via the iTunes store.