May 4, 2016

America Rising Launches Video Tracking App, “Grill”

America Rising is launching its first app, “Grill,” which puts the tools of a tracker in the hands of voters. Grill gives voters the power and knowledge to ask the right questions and potentially alter politics forever. Check out the BuzzFeed story here.

“America Rising is proud to release our first app, Grill, and to put the tools of a video tracking and opposition research in the hands of every voter. Never before have attendees of political events had at their fingertips a set of pointed, incisive questions guaranteed to make news. With Grill, voters can combine the ubiquitous use of video technology with the astute political angles of opposition research, and the result for political candidates is sure to bring the heat.” – Jeff Bechdel, Amercia Rising PAC Communications Director

The concept is simple: if you’re attending a political event and think you might have the opportunity ask a candidate a question, download Grill to record your interaction.

Begin by choosing a candidate from a list of candidates based on your location. Grill’s exclusive calendar allows users to see which upcoming events are being held in their area. Then select a pre-written question from a rotating list. The questions are written by America Rising researchers and based on current events and local news in your area and are written in a way that’s as inconvenient as possible for the Democrat in question. Once you choose your question, the text will appear on a video screen where you can record yourself asking the candidate your question—this is the voters’ chance to put candidates in the hot seat. The video is then uploaded to America Rising for review and distribution to the press and on social media.

Grill: increasing politicians’ accountabilities, one smartphone at a time.

Download America Rising’s Grill here.