December 19, 2015

America Rising PAC Launches Targeted Digital Ads Bracketing Democratic Debate

America Rising PAC has launched a digital advertising campaign targeting Democratic primary voters watching or attending the ABC Democratic presidential debate in New Hampshire this evening.

Since national security is front and center in the minds of voters, America Rising PAC is promoting its latest web video, “Leading From Behind.” The video highlights the weak and feckless leadership of Secretary Clinton and President Obama in the fact of the rising threat from ISIS and global terrorism:

The ads began running on Friday, where Facebook users that self-identify as Democrats across New Hampshire could see the video appear in their Facebook feed as a “sponsored post,” accompanied by one of several messages focused on Clinton’s failed leadership.

Today, in the hours leading up to the debate, America Rising is using Facebook’s new geo-fencing tool to target the Saint Anselm Institute of Politics in Manchester, New Hampshire, where the debate will be held. Users within a one-mile radius of the debate venue will see the video and message if they open their Facebook account or mobile app.