February 10, 2016

America Rising PAC Statement On New York Surrogates’ Ineffective Advocacy For Secretary Clinton

Following Secretary Clinton’s defeat in the New Hampshire primary, America Rising PAC released the following statement regarding the ineffectiveness of Clinton’s top New York surrogates:

“Secretary Clinton’s terrible showing in the critical New Hampshire primary contest shows how little influence her high-profile New York surrogates like Senator Gillibrand, Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio have had this cycle. From Mayor De Blasio’s bizarre Iowa campaign swing to Senator Gillibrand’s odd dance event in New Hampshire, all of them have gone all-in for Secretary Clinton and come out with little impact. With questions swirling around Secretary Clinton’s untrustworthiness and unethical behavior, her once-inevitable nomination becomes more questionable by the day.”  –Amelia Chassé, America Rising PAC press secretary