May 10, 2016

America Rising Launches Senate Candidate Anti-Superhero Comics

As Captain America: Civil War continues to go big at the box office, America Rising PAC is releasing a series of collectable comics featuring Democratic candidates as anti-superheroes with special “powers” like getting bankrolled by wealthy backers, making unethical use of the revolving door between public and private-sector jobs, pushing failed policies of the past, and running for office again…and again…and again.

Meet this comically inept cast of characters below, and collect them all before voters in Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Ohio discontinue them in November:

Pat Murphy_Website

NAME: “Privileged Pat” Murphy

POWER: His trusty silver spoon scoops his Daddy’s money into his campaign.

MOTTO: “Privileged Pat And His Trusty Silver Spoon!”

ABOUT: “Privileged Pat” is livin’ large on the campaign trail while claiming to represent the little guy, but he just can’t stop being a hypocrite – like when he got caught at a ritzy fundraiser while taking the “minimum wage challenge.” But what else should voters expect from a Congressman whose father has bankrolled his political career? Privileged Pat’s dad and his family business has poured half a million dollars into his Super PAC in this election cycle alone – but reporters be warned: if you ask him about it, he’ll strike you down with his silver spoon and accuse you of asking “gotcha questions.” Click here to learn more.

Katie McGinty_Website

NAME: Katie “The Revolver” McGinty

POWER: She’s a human revolving door between government and the private sector.

MOTTO: “She’s A Bureaucrat, She’s A Lobbyist, No She’s…The Revolver!”

ABOUT: Katie “The Revolver” McGinty spun through the revolving door between government and industry gigs all the way to the U.S. Senate race. McGinty’s tornado of conflicts of interest and ethics problems have left red flags from watchdogs and reporters alike in its wake, but “The Revolver” just keeps on spinning. Click here to learn more.

Russ Feingold_Website

NAME: Russ “The (Former) Senator” Feingold

POWER: None. (He’s just a former Senator).

MOTTO: “Former Senator By Day, Former Senator By Night”

ABOUT: Russ “The (Former) Senator” Feingold was in office for so long that being a politician is literally the only thing he knows how to do. He’s so desperate to get back to Washington, D.C. that he’s trying to trick Wisconsin voters into believing that he’s not a craven career politician, but everyone knows Feingold is a Former Senator By Day, Former Senator By Night. Click here to learn more.

Ted Strickland_Website 

NAME: “Retread Ted” Strickland

POWER: He just…keeps…running for office.

MOTTO: “Dawn Of The Tread!”

ABOUT: If you liked Russ “The (Former) Senator” Feingold, you’ll love “Retread Ted.” He’s been running for office even longer – 13 times since 1976 – and less successfully – voters have rejected him five times. In fact, his power to just keep on pushing the failed policies of the past is so strong, “Retread Ted” sometimes has to count on his fingers to remember how many times he’s tried to push his tired agenda on Ohio voters. Click here to learn more.