November 12, 2015

America Rising Releases New #LAGov Video: “I Supported The President”

American Rising PAC released a new web video today highlighting John Bel Edwards’ support for President Obama, even after the President instituted the drilling ban that hurt Louisiana’s oil and gas industry and passed ObamaCare, which has left thousands of Louisianans without insurance as state co-ops fail.

The video includes President Obama’s now-infamous statement that while he may not be on the ballot, “make no mistake these policies are on the ballot,” and includes audio of Edwards reaffirming, “The fact of the matter is I am a Democrat, I supported the President.”

During Tuesday night’s Louisiana Public Broadcasting debate, Edwards claimed to have “stood up against the President with respect to the moratorium.” But President Obama enacted the moratorium on offshore drilling leases in 2010, causing job losses of 8,000 to 12,000 in the Gulf region. Yet Edwards still not only voted for Obama’s reelection, he personally re-nominated the President as a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Edwards could have truly “stood up” to President Obama by withholding his vote when it became clear his liberal agenda was hurting Louisiana, but, as he has throughout his career, he put his Party before the people he was elected to serve.