January 31, 2016

America Rising Releases New Video “Sent And Received” On Clinton’s Email Scandal

America Rising is releasing a new video that highlights the numerous and various times Clinton has claimed that there was no classified material on her private, unsecured server.

Given Friday’s news that the State Department is finally acknowledging there are at least 22 emails containing sensitive, classified material on her server, it’s important to remember how frequently Clinton misled American voters.

“Sent and Received” specifically highlights five instances of Secretary Clinton repeating the now debunked lie:

March 10, 2015 at the infamous U.N. press conference;

July 26, 2015 on the trail in Winterset, Iowa;

July 31, 2015 in an interview with WMUR’s Josh McElveen;

August 18, 2015 at her disastrous Nevada press conference;

October 22, 2015 during her Benghazi testimony;

January 29, 2016 after the bombshell news broke.

The spot closes with Clinton’s utterly tone-deaf joke about her wiping her server “with a cloth.”

In response to this news, America Rising Chairman Matt Rhoades released a  statement:

“John Kerry and the State Department are now confirming what we always knew – Secretary Clinton recklessly transmitted classified material on her private email server. For months Secretary Clinton and her allies have sought to distract and deceive on this important issue. Secretary Clinton is a failed leader who simply cannot be trusted.”