December 16, 2013

America Rising Report: How Hillary’s Self-Claimed Foreign Policy Accomplishment Became a Fiasco

For years, Hillary Clinton has taken credit for a supposed Obama Administration foreign policy success in Libya, pointing to her role in the air campaign in Libya and the ousting of Dictator Moammar Gaddafi. In October of 2011, seven months after the air campaign began, Clinton said:

“We set into motion a policy that was on the right side of history, on the right side of our values, on the right side of our strategic interests in the region.” 

But new reports in the past week show just how much this policy has unraveled. Yesterday, the U.N. Security Council voted to pass a resolution expressing “grave concern” with the country’s deteriorating security situation. None of the Benghazi suspects have been captured because of fears the country will further descend into chaos. The terrorist group responsible for the Benghazi attack is expanding. John Kerry issued a travel warning citing instability and violence.

Despite these growing signs that the Obama/Clinton Libya policy has been an utter failure, the David Brock run Clinton allies at Media Matters cited Libya as one of Hillary’s top accomplishments. Such a claim reflects just how few real accomplishments Clinton has to tout from her time at State (and that the folks at Media Matters mustn’t read the World section of the Post).

For a full breakdown on the Clinton Libya policy, read our report: “The Unraveling Of A Supposed Foreign Policy Accomplishment: Hillary’s Libya Fiasco.”


Hillary’s Libya Fiasco