December 19, 2015

America Rising: Secretary Clinton Has Zero Credibility On Data Controversy

Today, America Rising PAC issued the following statement on Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager alleging that the actions of the Bernie Sanders campaign “may have been a violation of the law”:

“Secretary Clinton complaining about data security is like Gordon Gekko denouncing greed on Wall Street: it’s difficult to think of anyone on this planet with less credibility. For years, she deliberately flouted federal law by keeping all her emails on a private server, jeopardizing America’s national security and becoming the target of an ongoing FBI investigation. For her campaign to attack Senator Sanders is as laughable as the idea that Secretary Clinton is honest, trustworthy or ethical.” — Colin Reed, Executive Director, America Rising PAC

According to media reports, during a Friday conference call Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, stated, “that Bernie Sanders staffers engaged in what was ‘potentially a crime,’ and demanded the Sanders campaign prove they don’t still have access to the breached voter files. ‘This is totally unacceptable and may have been a violation of the law,’ said Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook.”