December 7, 2015

America Rising Takes Advantage Of Sen. Bennet’s Super PAC Solicitation

America Rising PAC today released a web video highlighting Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet’s support for ObamaCare, despite failing insurance co-ops and rising premiums in his state – and there’s an interesting backstory to the footage of Bennet used in the video.

Bennet has long decried outside spending by Super PACs and third party groups in political campaigns. He opposed the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, and has called for a crackdown on coordination between campaigns and Super PACs.

But that was before he was running for reelection as the most vulnerable incumbent Democrat in the country. Now that he’s facing approval ratings in the 30s, Bennet appears to be engaging in blatant hypocrisy.

Earlier this month, Bennet posted a video containing wordless “b-roll” footage of the senator pressing the flesh with a variety of constituents:

Videos like this are generally viewed as smoke signals from campaigns inviting outside groups to use the footage in ads supporting the candidate. The Huffington Post described the practice thusly in 2014:

The latest trend in Senate campaigns is the posting of b-roll footage on the Internet, available to download. The goal isn’t to draw the attention of comedians at “The Daily Show,” but to provide footage of candidates for supportive super PACs and “dark money” nonprofits to use in their advertising.

So America Rising PAC decided to grant Bennet’s wish and use his b-roll footage in a Super PAC video promoting his record. However, since Bennet’s record includes parroting President Obama’s lie that ObamaCare would allow Americans to keep their doctors, and continuing to support the failed health care law even as tens of thousands of Coloradans are losing their coverage, he’ll likely be about as pleased with the resulting video as Colorado voters are with his performance as a senator.