November 7, 2016

America Rising Video: Democrat Debate Fails 2016

For House and Senate Democratic candidates the debates have been a never-ending house of horrors. The candidates have made gaffe after gaffe, while also having to account for the historic unpopularity at the top of the Democratic ticket.

With debate season officially coming to a conclusion, America Rising is releasing a highlight (er lowlight) reel of some of the worst moments for Democratic candidates:

  • In Nebraska’s 2nd, Congressman Brad Ashford did not know what a sanctuary city was.
  • In Ohio, Ted Strickland was held accountable for Ohio’s poor economic performance during his governorship.
  • In Pennsylvania, Katie McGinty was called out for claiming law enforcement endorsements, and then not being able to name a single one.
  • In Florida’s 18th, Randy Perkins insulted his opponent, a double amputee war hero, and then lied about it.
  • In North Carolina, Deborah Ross’ excuse for working against a sex offender registry is that she was a “good lobbyist.”
  • In Florida’s 13th, Charlie Crist was laughed at by the audience when he called Clinton honest.
  • In New York’s 19th, Zephyr Teachout was called out for her socialist worldview.
  • In Missouri, one of the debate moderators called out Jason Kander for his TV ad that many found insulting to their intelligence.
  • In Florida, Patrick Murphy had no answer when confronted with the fact that he says he has 100% trust in Hillary Clinton.