November 18, 2016

America Rising’s Daily Democratic Civil War: Pelosi Blasted For Huge Democrat Losses

Nancy Pelosi claims that she has the votes to stay Minority Leader, but that doesn’t mean that the next two weeks won’t be painful for her. That’s because this race will be a referendum on Pelosi’s failed leadership over the past six years. In that time the House Democratic caucus has gone from the majority to the lowest number of members since 1929.

As her opponent, Congressman Tim Ryan, showed this morning on Morning Joe, he’s prepared to hammer Pelosi for this failing at every opportunity:

Congressman Ryan’s candidacy also highlights the coastal bias of the Democratic House leadership. Ryan is from Ohio, ground zero for the Democrats’ Election Day collapse, while Pelosi and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer are from the coasts. With twelve days until the the votes are cast for House Minority Leader, expect a constant drumbeat about all of Pelosi’s many vulnerabilities.