November 22, 2016

America Rising’s Daily Democratic Civil War: Pelosi Rushing To Offer Reforms In Face Of Challenge

After weeks of claiming she had the Minority Leader race locked up, Nancy Pelosi is scrambling. Pelosi’s failed tenure has seen the House Democratic Caucus at its lowest point since before World War II, and because of that there is “significant dissension” among House Democrats. Already some House Democrats have come out in support of her challenger Tim Ryan.

Perhaps seeing the writing on the wall, Pelosi, speaking with Politico, comes off as hastening to make concessions to her Democratic colleagues in order to blunt Ryan’s momentum:

“Pelosi, however, also knows that after 14 years of running the House Democratic Caucus, coupled with the party’s dismal showing on Election Day, there is significant dissension in her ranks. So she’s planning on remaking the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, giving more members a say in the Democratic messaging operation, and appointing ‘vice-chairs’ on committees to, give lower-ranking lawmakers additional input.”

In another sign of weakness on Pelosi’s part, Politico highlights that some of her “reforms” are actually stolen from Ryan’s reform plans:

“While carefully avoiding any personal attacks on Pelosi, Ryan is floating a variety of leadership changes, some of which Pelosi has already adopted. On Monday, he suggested making the DCCC chairmanship an elected position. Technically, it already is, but the reality is that Pelosi proposes her choice, which is then ratified by the caucus.”

Pelosi must be reading the tea leaves if she’s willing to cede so much power from the Minority Leader’s office. While Pelosi still maintains she’ll win the job, this hasn’t been the best month for political prognostications.