November 17, 2016

America Rising’s Daily Democratic Civil War: Pelosi’s Increasingly Tenuous Hold On Leadership

Senator Chuck Schumer might have been able to temporarily placate the extreme left-wing of the Democratic Party by giving Bernie Sanders the hilariously titled post of “Chair of Outreach.” Unfortunately for Nancy Pelosi, she’s not going to get off that easy. Yesterday, it looked like the only threat to Pelosi’s spot atop the Democratic caucus was Congressman Tim Ryan, a lightweight who’s never shown he can never move beyond the hype the left-wing blogs give him.

Now Pelosi is facing a multi-front insurgency. Congressman Ryan is still criticizing Pelosi, saying she’s not the right person to bring the Democrats back to the majority:

“Ryan argued that Pelosi would have a hard time going into a Republican district and convincing voters that they should support Democrats. ‘And so we need a leader who can go into all of those areas.’”

Ryan’s appeal to many House Democrats becomes manifestly clear after the Democrat’s collapse in the Midwest last week. With the House leadership team entirely coastal, many see Ryan’s candidacy as a stern rebuke to Pelosi:

“Meanwhile, across the Rust Belt, Democrats are furious the party leadership is almost entirely coastal, leading to an agenda that focused on liberal cultural positions as President-elect Donald Trump won their states with an economic message.”

But now Ryan is not the only one weighing a challenge to Pelosi. It turns out there are other ambitious Democrats who wish to join the fray, including members of Pelosi’s own leadership team. The name gaining the most attention is New York Congressman Joe Crowley:

“A small group of frustrated House Democrats is agitating for big changes, trying to draft Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) to challenge Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) for the top leadership spot in the next Congress, a handful of lawmakers familiar with the campaign told The Hill.”

There are also rumors that Congressman Xavier Becerra, another member of leadership, is making calls about running against Pelosi.

Ominously, Congressman Seth Moulton, who led the effort to delay the leadership elections, is now casting doubts on Pelosi’s claim to have the race already won. Speaking with reporters yesterday, Moutlon shot down Pelosi’s claims:

“’I haven’t seen her list [of supporters],’ Moulton said, ‘but she said that the overwhelming view of the caucus was to hold elections on Thursday and obviously that was not the overwhelming view.’ Moulton said he’s not sure how many members are willing to buck Pelosi’s bid for a new term as Democratic leader, but he said “an awful lot of people are coming to me and saying, ‘I want other options.’”

Each day seems to bring more bad news for Nancy Pelosi. Given that she’s led the House Democratic caucus to their lowest numbers since 1929, this front in the emerging Democratic civil war looks to stay chaotic for a while.