November 21, 2016

America Rising’s Daily Democratic Civil War: Warren Pushing Democrats Even Further Left

Elizabeth Warren wants you to know that Elizabeth Warren is running the Democratic Party. That’s according to a new Politico story this morning that examines how Warren is looking to fill the power vacuum in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s epic collapse:

“More than any other high-profile Democrat, the Massachusetts senator and liberal hero has gone out of her way to appear in Washington headlines nearly every day since Nov. 8. From a series of public appearances across town to letters from her Senate office to private Capitol Hill meetings with fellow elected officials, Warren is making clear that she intends to use her brand of no-holds-barred liberalism to illuminate the party’s path ahead while it embarks on a protracted period of soul-searching.”

Yet with all the many crises that have erupted for Democrats since Election Day, Warren’s political climb could be the worst one yet. As America Rising’s Colin Reed pointed out in the Politico story, Warren had the toxic touch when she went to campaign in battleground states this year:

“’Her message has no appeal in middle America, and certainly red state America. It is limited to the coasts, the academics and liberal elites,’ Reed said, noting that many of the Senate candidates Warren backed, such as Wisconsin’s Russ Feingold and Pennsylvania’s Katie McGinty, also lost on Election Day.”

Tellingly, centrist Democrats are already worried that Warren’s rise makes their own electoral prospects more unforgiving:

“Meanwhile, centrist Democrats, who uniformly refuse to criticize her on the record — acknowledging in private that she is likely to be the face of the party for at least two years due to the lack of a natural successor to Clinton or Barack Obama, and the need for Schumer to focus on doing the legislative dirty-work — are wary of Warren’s enhanced role”

Unfortunately for those worried Democrats, incoming Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer told the Huffington Post last week that he’s all-in on Elizabeth Warren’s leadership. With the 2018 Senate map dominated by Democratic incumbents in heavily Republican states, Warren’s prominence could not have come at a better time for Republicans.