2 years ago

America Rising’s Favorite Flip Floppers: 2016

In honor of National Flip Flop Day, America Rising decided to give a shout-out to our favorite flip-floppers from the 2016 cycle.

Hillary Clinton

Clinton Took No Position on Keystone XL Pipeline for Months, so MSNBC’s Morning Joe joined Democrats in castigating Clinton for her stance on the project, calling her statement just “not good” and that she acted like “nothing more than just an ordinary politician.”

Clinton Called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) the “Gold Standard,” but in late 2015, Politifact rated Clinton’s newfound opposition to the trade deal a full flop after these remarks on PBS Newshour.

As CNN’s Jake Tapper points out, Clinton pushed for TPP 45 times.

And Clinton has even admitted herself that she has been both for and against trade agreements:

Clinton Told NH Voters She Wanted to “Build a Barrier” to Stop Illegal Immigration, but in Nevada, Clinton found this idea to be un-American.

Clinton Said That Immigrant Children “Should Be Sent Back,” but her pollsters apparently decided that position was too unpopular to win the Hispanic vote.

Anderson Cooper Summed Up Hillary Clinton’s Top Flip Flops in the CNN Democratic Debate:

Russ Feingold

Feingold Pledged to Raise the Majority of His Campaign Cash from Wisconsin Residents, but as Politifact ruled, Feingold went Full Flop on his campaign pledge, raising millions in outside money for the 2016 race, an act that he opposed as far back as 1992.

Feingold Supported Single Payer Healthcare, but after slipping up in an interview where he was asked about Bernie Sanders, he abruptly walked back his stance and doubled down on Obamacare.

Katie McGinty

McGinty Said NAFTA Was All About “Strong Economic Growth” while she worked for the Clinton White House, but as a 2016 Senate candidate, McGinty has changed her tune, dodging her record and the ire of the populist Dems who fueled this primary cycle.

Ted Strickland

Strickland: “My Record Is Mixed and Spotty” No need to embellish this one. We’ll just leave this quote with you that lost Strickland several endorsements and spawned a flurry of ads:

“Has my position changed over time? It has. Can people criticize me for that? Absolutely…”

Michael Bennet

Bennet Supported the Transfer of GITMO Prisoners to American Soil, but as soon as it became clear that Colorado was on Obama’s shortlist to house the most dangerous of the prisoners, Bennet tried to make a calculated pivot away. Opponents quickly hit him on his dangerous flip flop:

BONUS VIDEO: #FLASHBACKFRIDAY: Our favorite flip flopper of them all—in 2004.