March 13, 2017

America Rising’s Latest Anti-Edwards Project Draws Attention

America Rising’s efforts against Governor John Bel Edwards are drawing an increasing amount of attention in Louisiana. On Friday, America Rising unveiled our latest broadside directed against Edwards, a microsite entitled “The Accidental Governor.” The microsite details the many ways Governor Edwards is out of touch with Louisiana voters.

This new microsite was written up by The Advocate, which also highlighted how Edwards’ failed record had harmed the state:

“On Friday, the group announced that it had created the “Accidental Governor” website to outline its attacks on Edwards. It features reports on Edwards’ handling of the state budget, education issues and appointments, among other issues.”

“The Accidental Governor” was also featured on WDSU, with LA Politics Weekly’s Jeremy Alford explaining how America Rising is “already taking shots” at Edwards:

All this attention on Edwards’ record is bad news for the governor’s future political prospects. When you have no record of accomplishments, all attention is bad attention.