May 10, 2016

Ami Bera Faces Tough Questions About Father’s Campaign Finance Violations

California Democrat Ami Bera faces tough questions after his father Babulal Bera was charged with two counts of campaign finance violations involving Bera’s campaign committee. Bera’s father will enter a plea in the case later this morning. The Sacramento Bee reports:

The charges filed Monday night allege that, beginning in 2009, Bera contributors gave at least $235,000 to a campaign committee in Elk Grove, and that Babulal Bera later caused the contributions to be illegally refunded.

The charging document also alleges that Babulal Bera and his wife “directly and indirectly solicited relatives, friends and acquaintances to make the maximum allowable federal campaign contributions” to a campaign committee, “knowing that his personal money would be used to advance funds to, or reimburse these individuals for the contributions they made.”

While Bera claimed he was not aware of his father’s activities until learning of the investigation from authorities, he needs to come clean and explain how he could not have known about his own father’s campaign finance violations.