January 22, 2016

Ami Bera’s Never-Ending Struggle To Satisfy Members Of His Own Party

California Democrat Ami Bera’s never-ending struggle to secure support for his re-election continues with even more developments this week.

Robert Longer, a union political director who previously hosted a fundraiser for Bera, told McClatchy News once he examined Bera’s record, “We saw a lot of things that we didn’t like.” Stanford professor Bruce Cain said the infighting within the Democratic Party over Bera’s positions on issues like trade and refugees risks his defeat in November.

Beyond their frustration with his positions, many local activists haven’t even heard an explanation from Bera directly. Bera has skipped several important events and meetings in the district, and many voters see him as someone who has abandoned the district for Washington, DC. Activist Sandi Russell said, “I want someone who will listen to the people, not get elected and not listen.”

After the union protests he inspired by supporting trade promotion authority, Bera has desperately tried to avoid taking a position on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But on Wednesday, West Sacramento Mayor Chris Cabaldon revealed Bera’s position. He said, “Ami Bera is the congressional representative from the Sacramento area in California – he supports the agreement.” So it appears Bera doesn’t even have the courage to explain his position to the voters and instead lets a local official make the important announcement for him.

Bera will face an important test next month as he risks losing his endorsement from the state party. He has already lost the endorsement from a local Democratic group. Stay tuned…