July 28, 2016

Andrew Cuomo Rivals Clinton In Ethically Challenged Department

Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) is a natural fit to speak at Clinton’s convention.He’s just about as untrusted with New York voters as Clinton is with the American people. Between the criticism from the Democratic-appointed U.S. Attorney, the subpoenas flying around Albany and the FBI raiding the homes of some of his closest aides, Cuomo is truly feeling the heat.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll shows just how much trouble Cuomo is in. A staggering 87 percent of New Yorkers believe “government corruption is a serious problem” in their state. Even worse for Cuomo, 48 percent believe the New York governor is “was part of the problem.” While Cuomo’s untrustworthiness is not yet approaching Clinton’s ignominious heights, he’s on the right (or wrong) track!