October 29, 2015

Andy Beshear Answers Your Questions

Andy Beshear, Democratic candidate for Kentucky Attorney General, has avoided the media and employed a strategy of silence on key issues throughout this campaign. Beshear has even left events early to avoid answering questions.

With just a few days left until Election Day, it’s unlikely Beshear will break his silence and answer reporters’ and voters’ questions, so America Rising has studied his record on some of the important issues that have been raised and provided answers on his behalf:

Q: Do you support President Obama?  

A: All signs point to yes. Beshear won’t answer whether he voted for President Obama in 2008 and 2012, despite having joined his father at the 2008 Democratic National Convention, where Governor Beshear cast Kentucky’s votes in support of then-Senator Obama’s nomination.

Q: Do you support any of the 2016 Democratic presidential candidates?  

A: Probably, but I don’t want to say because that might hurt my chances of getting elected. When asked who he will support in the 2016 presidential election, Beshear gave a vague non-answer. Beshear has drawn comparisons to Alison Lundergan Grimes, who also avoided answering whether she supported President Obama to the detriment of her campaign.

Q: Have you used your father’s influence to raise money for your campaign?

A: My donors have already answered this one, so I guess I have to say yes. Beshear has amassed $3.25 million, much of which has come from officials of his father’s administration, state contractors, and lobbyists. Donors have confirmed the role Gov. Beshear’s influence played in their generosity, with one donors’ spokesperson stating, “when the governor asks you to help his son, that’s what you do, you help his son.”

Q: Has your father rewarded donors to your campaign with state appointments?

A: Well, he removed an appointee that didn’t donate to me and appointed one that did, so you do the math. Just last week, Gov. Beshear appointed Bill Summers IV to the University of Louisville board of trustees, who like the other 17 appointees on the board, has given to Andy Beshear’s campaign. The only appointee who had not contributed to Beshear’s campaign, Reverend Kevin Cosby, was removed from the board several months ago by Gov. Beshear.

Q: Will you release your law firm clients?

A: Nope! Despite repeated inquiries, Beshear has refused to release a client list, despite citing “attorney general defense” as one of his practice areas on his law firm’s website. One client Beshear represented helped bankrupt the city of Hillview, when Beshear secured an $11.4 million verdict.

Andy Beshear’s campaign has been driven by scripted appearances and avoiding questions, leaving Kentucky voters with a few answers about what they would get if he is elected. The answer is clearly someone with an uncomfortably cozy relationship with special interests who will prop up the failed Obama agenda his father has pushed on the state.