October 29, 2015

Ann Kirkpatrick Doubles Down On Pelosi Support

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick is having a tough time in the Arizona senate race. She’s struggling with weak fundraising, a burn rate that the Cook Political Report’s Jennifer Duffy told The Arizona Republic she “can’t maintain,” and a liberal record that is out of touch with Arizona voters.

She’s attempted to hide her hyper-partisan record in past races. Trying to keep her House seat in 2014, she claimed to have “one of the most independent records” in Congress during a debate with her Republican opponent:

Rep. Kirkpatrick must have a different definition of the word “independent” than the rest of us. According to CQ Roll Call’s ratings, Kirkpatrick has voted with Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership 87 percent of the time since her election in 2012.

In case there was any room for doubt , Kirkpatrick cast her vote for Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House today – her fourth vote for Pelosi in her fairly brief time in Congress:

To be fair, if Kirkpatrick hadn’t voted for Pelosi today it may have made for some awkward cocktail chatter tomorrow – at the event they are co-headlining: