September 1, 2016

Ann Kirkpatrick Flip-Flops To Say She Trusts Hillary Clinton

Unlike most Americans, Ann Kirkpatrick trusts Hillary Clinton:

“She answers a question about whether Clinton is trustworthy directly (‘Yes, I do’)…”

Unfortunately for Kirkpatrick, she is now on the wrong side of one of the central issues of this election. Yet, Kirkpatrick is just the latest Democratic politician that has been forced by Hillary Clinton’s sky-high unfavorable numbers to answer that question in the affirmative.

Kirkpatrick’s new answer is a departure for her too. Earlier this month, Ann Kirkpatrick twice dodged the question of whether she thought Clinton was trustworthy:

Clinton is not the only liberal Democrat that Kirkpatrick is tied to. In the same interview, Kirkpatrick also came out in support of Chuck Schumer for Democratic leader:

“Kirkpatrick touts that she was not recruited by national Senate Democrats but takes a firm position on whether she will support New York Sen. Chuck Schumer as Democratic leader: ‘I’ll support him as leader, absolutely.’”

Ann Kirkpatrick’s first response to the Clinton trust questions shows she knows how damaging her new answer will be for her in Arizona.