August 23, 2016

Ann Kirkpatrick’s Clinton Trustworthy Dodge Draws Fresh Heat

This month Arizona Senate candidate Ann Kirkpatrick has refused to say if Hillary Clinton was trustworthy. While the American people have decided overwhelmingly that Clinton is not trustworthy, Kirkpatrick dodged the question when speaking with CNN:

BALDWIN: “Do you think Hillary Clinton is trustworthy?”

KIRKPATRICK: “I’m sorry what was that again?”

BALDWIN: “Do you think secretary Clinton is trustworthy?”

KIRKPATRICK: “Oh, I, I support Hillary. I mean I’ve taken a public stance on that and I think she’s the most qualified to lead this country. I mean look there’s a lot going on, she has the experience and the knowledge to be president of the United States.”

Kirkpatrick’s inability to answer the question only looks worse in light of recent events. In the last couple of weeks numerous stories have broken about the Clinton Foundation’s shady dealings. And just yesterday the FBI released the news that Clinton has been lying about turning over all her work emails. Enough is enough. Ann Kirkpatrick owes Arizona voters an answer on Clinton’s trustworthiness.