June 2, 2017

Another Bad Week For The Struggling DNC

The Democratic National Committee and Chairman Tom Perez just can’t catch a break. Since Perez took over the DNC, they’ve stumbled from one disaster to the next. This week was no different.

Most notably, Hillary Clinton threw the DNC under the bus, adding them to the list of organizations and people she’s blaming for her embarrassing defeat. Predictably, former DNC staffers did not react well to that criticism, prompting yet more stories about how divided the Democratic Party is:

“Allies of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in particular were incensed by Clinton’s criticism of the party apparatus, saying she mischaracterized the committee’s work while needlessly stoking internal divisions.”

To make matters worse, Chairman Perez has also come under fire for ignoring black women as he tries to unify the fractured party. In an open letter to Perez, more than twenty black women blasted Perez for “taking them for granted”:

“In the letter, the authors say that black women have consistently supported the party, but have been ignored by Democratic leaders who seemed to be more focused on winning back white voters who rejected Hillary Clinton in November. ‘The data reveals that Black women voters are the very foundation to a winning coalition, yet most Black voters feel like the Democrats take them for granted,’ the letter reads. ‘Since taking office, you have met with and listened to key constituencies. But you have yet to host a Black women leaders convening.’”

The DNC is even having to deal with a renewed fight over superdelegates. See below for a long list of headlines that have the DNC glad that the work week is almost over:

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