September 27, 2013

Another Clinton Scandal?

POLITICO is out with a story about another longtime adviser to Hillary Clinton, Maggie Williams, who also received “special government status” while Clinton was Secretary of State.

From Politico:

A longtime adviser and confidante of Hillary Clinton had “special government status” while the former Secretary of State was at Foggy Bottom, allowing her to work on a targeted project about women’s issues while she maintained her own business, officials told POLITICO.

Maggie Williams, who has been in Hillary Clinton’s orbit for years and who took over her campaign after a shakeup in the 2008 presidential race, was granted “SGE status” to work with the Global Women’s Issues office, officials said.

Williams has ties going back decades to the Clinton’s – from taking over Clinton’s campaign in 2008 as well as serving as the then-First Lady’s Chief of Staff. Williams also has ties to the Children’s Defense Fund; the organization that is honoring Clinton on Mondayevening for her “dedication and contributions to child advocacy.” (Curiously, the Children’s Defense Fund severed ties with the Clinton’s after Former President Clinton signed welfare reform.) 

Another Clinton aide, Huma Abedin, has received “SGE” status, begging the question – how many more are there?