November 19, 2015

New Colorado Poll: Michael Bennet’s Approval Rating Goes From Bad To Worse

The news just gets worse for Colorado Democrats. After a Quinnipiac Poll released yesterday showed that Hillary Clinton’s favorability is under water by 28 points in the state and two-thirds of voters believe she is not honest and trustworthy, now it looks like Senator Michael Bennet is in trouble as well.

In a poll released today, 41 percent of voters say that Bennet does not deserve re-election, while just 30 percent say that he does. Those numbers are worse for him than the last poll that was conducted in July, and don’t bode well moving forward. Additionally, just 37% of voters approve of Bennet’s job performance, which is down four points from July.

Ironically, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper recently predicted that Bennet would ride Hillary Clinton’s “coattails” to victory. If these polls are any indication, Clinton is more likely to be a millstone around Bennet’s neck than a set of coattails.

Bennet’s problems go much deeper than his ties to Clinton. This poll comes on the heels of the news that the Obama administration was planning on closing Guantanamo Bay prison and moving detainees to Colorado. Last week, 41 Colorado Sheriffs signed a letter to the President declaring their opposition, echoed by editorial boards across the state.

This is a tough issue for Bennet because while he may claim that he doesn’t want Guantanamo Bay detainees sent to Colorado, he supported closing the prison and has opposed legislation that would prohibit the transfer of detainees to the United States.

Combine Bennet’s bad record on Gitmo with the deep unpopularity of his party’s expected presidential candidate – who Bennet strongly supports – and it’s easy to see why Colorado voters want to change Senators.