December 6, 2017

Another Day Brings More Democratic Lies About Tax Reform

Another Day Brings More Democratic Lies About Tax Reform

When it comes to tax reform, Democrats have a credibility problem. At this point, they’ve been caught lying so many times that American people won’t believe any of their messaging on tax reform. Today, the Washington Post caught DNC Chairman Tom Perez and Senators Kamala Harris and Jeff Merkley in another whopper of a lie.

Last month, these three Democratic leaders suggested that the Republican tax reform bill included a “private jet tax break,” with Senator Merkley and Perez even saying education and health care spending were slashed to pay for it. As the Washington Post outlines, these shameful claims are wrong, with Harris earning three pinocchios, while Merkley and Perez’s falsehoods getting four.

According to the Washington Post’s analysis, the Democrat’s statements are “misguided” because private jet management companies will not be able to benefit from the tax reform bill:

“Several Democratic leaders claimed the GOP bill provided a tax break for private jets, adding to their case that the bill was heavily weighted to corporations and the super-rich. While the cause is well-intended, the characterization of the excise tax clause as a tax break is misguided. The provision provides regulatory clarity on a tax that has never successfully been imposed on private jet management companies. In short, the companies can’t receive a break on taxes that were never collected.”

The Democratic Party’s credibility is rightfully at an all-time low after all the lying they’ve done about the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Fortunately, Americans will be able to see the truth where it counts: in their wallets.