August 30, 2016

Another Democrat Ensnared In Clinton Trustworthy Trap

Wisconsin Senate candidate Russ Feingold just became the latest battleground Democrat harmed by Hillary Clinton’s historically low trustworthy numbers. While Feingold didn’t take the Hassan embarrassment route, he did open himself up to criticism by affirming that he thought Clinton was “reliable and trustworthy.”

Feingold’s absurd comment that Clinton was “reliable and trustworthy” only makes sense if he actually meant that Clinton was reliably untrustworthy. Earlier this month, the FBI revealed that Clinton had lied when she said she had turned over all her State Department emails. In actuality the former Secretary of State had not turned over nearly 15,000 work emails that the FBI has now recovered.

Feingold even contradicted his “reliable and trustworthy” comments in the same interview when he said it “may be a good idea” for the Clinton Foundation to be shuttered:

“‘What I said was that if somebody is going to become president of the United States, it becomes very, very important to make sure there are no questions, particularly as that presidency started,’ Feingold said. ‘And so what I said is they ought to be as open as possible about what this has done, the Clinton Foundation, and whether there are any concerns going forward. And that it may be a good idea not to have it if she becomes president.'”

If Feingold truly believed that Clinton was reliable and trustworthy, he should have no problem with the Clinton Foundation’s continued existence. Feingold knows that Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings means the Clinton Foundation is a huge problem, yet he refuses to admit the facts like the typical politician he is.